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Founded in June 2012, Division 9 is a dynamic company specialized in construction, interior architecture and fit-out services for residential, business or commercial use. We build, renovate or remodel interiors providing innovative construction solutions coupled with reliable project and site management services.
From conception to execution, Division 9 knowledgeable team of young professionals, interior architects, construction and technical specialists is dedicated to bringing your design dreams to life.
Regardless of the scope of the project or the size of the budget, we are committed to turn your everyday surroundings into extraordinary living and working spaces that reflect your taste, character, identity and image.


Division 9 is relentlessly committed to providing the highest quality fit-out services for ambitious homeowners, commercial entrepreneurs and professional designers. We are keen to collaborate with our valuable customers, subcontractors, and suppliers at every stage of the project to ensure perfection in what we do and timely delivery.
Our industry experience allows us to understand and anticipate our clients’ unique needs and concerns. Our mission is to leverage this experience into reality. Our goal is to exceed clients’ expectations abiding by budget and time constraints.


Our core business philosophy is as multi-faceted as we are talented. We are guided by the following values, which we call our 9 Points of Excellence:
1. Competitive Pricing
2. Quality
3. Service
4. Experience
5. Safety
6. Convenience
7. Communication
8. Trust & Accountability
9. Innovation


Division 9 offers a full range of design, construction and fit-out services. From sketches and plans to finished work, we ensure that each and every detail of a project is completed to spec. There is simply no construction related task we can’t accomplish. Our scope of work is diverse, offering our clients as many options as their imagination and budget allow. From complex architectural detailing, to small repair we ensure form and function work harmoniously. No residential or commercial project is too small or too ambitious for Division 9’s qualifed and expert team of construction specialists.

We are happy to provide full design and planning services, or will work with your chosen designer to ensure your unique vision comes to life, on time and on budget.

Turning your everyday surroundings into extraordinary living and working spaces that reflect your taste, character, identity and image.


ABC Dbayeh -Kids Area-

ABC Mall Dbayeh

Yassin Apartment


Bank Audi Head Office M1 Building*

Beirut Central District

Credit Bank Branch*


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